Our Business

We are the only company specialized in porous coordination polymer (PCP / MOF) in Japan, which is the next generation porous material.

We will utilize the experience and know-how that we have cultivated as a venture company from Kyoto University to the utmost, and will support the customer's application development.

Materials field

Molecular design/screening

Based on the database consisting of tens of thousands of crystal structure data and the function/performance data cultivated so far, we select and design candidate compounds that meet the needs of our customers.


We accept not only known materials but also new materials from mg order to ton order. We make full use of the five types of independently developed synthesis processes to support scale-up of the order of kg or more.

Quality evaluation/functional evaluation

We accept not only quality evaluation related to manufacturing but also functional evaluation related to applications.


We also accept various molding processes such as tableting, granulation, and film formation.

Life science field

We are developing a biocompatible porous coordination polymer bioPCPTM. Unlike conventional porous materials, it can be decomposed in vivo and is expected to be used in the following applications.

  • Cancer drug
  • Drug delivery
  • Intramolecular compounding agent
  • Removal of poison
  • Protein stabilization
  • Contrast agent
  • Antibacterial/antivirus

Energy field

We are developing a next-generation high-pressure gas container CubiTan that is lightweight, compact, and smart. We are reinventing the high-pressure gas container that has not changed for 100 years, aiming for a society in which environment-friendly energy can be freely shared.

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