Our Business

We are the only company specialized in porous coordination polymer (PCP / MOF) in Japan, which is the next generation porous material.

We will utilize the experience and know-how that we have cultivated as a venture company from Kyoto University to the utmost, and will support the customer’s application development.

Energy and Life Science

Our focus here lies in harnessing the properties of porous coordination polymers (PCPs, or metal-organic frameworks (MOFs)) to enable new applications in the energy and life science fields.

Customized Material Solutions

Materials Discovery and Scale-up

Our capabilities include the production of known materials and discovery of new compounds.

Our suite of manufacturing processes enable high-quality materials to be produced at scales ranging from several milligrams to multiple kilograms.

Materials Characterization

Access is available to our state-of-the art characterization laboratory via our mail-in service.

Available characterization techniques include X-ray structural analysis, thermogravimetric analysis, high- and low-pressure gas adsorption, and stability testing. Our capabilities also allow us to support client needs in areas such as quality assurance and performance evaluations.

Research and Development

We accept various contract research related to porous coordination polymer (PCP / MOF).

We support manufacturing process development.

We propose porous coordination polymers (PCP / MOF) suitable for your applications.

For all inquiries, please contact us here

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