Our Business

We are the only company specialized in porous coordination polymer (PCP / MOF) in Japan, which is the next generation porous material.

We will utilize the experience and know-how that we have cultivated as a venture company from Kyoto University to the utmost, and will support the customer's application development.

Energy and Life Science

We focus on the properties of porous coordination polymers (PCP / MOF) and are developing innovative applications in the energy field and life science field.


Synthesis and Production

We can synthesize and manufacture not only known materials but also new materials.

We manufacture scale from mg order to kg order production.p>

Quality and Spec Validation

We accept various evaluations of not only known materials but also new materials.

We support multi-faceted evaluation (crystal structure analysis, thermal analysis, gas adsorption / desorption evaluation, etc.).

Research and Development

We accept various contract research related to porous coordination polymer (PCP / MOF).

We support manufacturing process development.

We propose porous coordination polymers (PCP / MOF) suitable for your applications.

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