We provide innovative global solutions for precisely controlling gases.

Although humankind has become proficient at manipulating solids and liquids, the ability for gases to diffuse instantly makes them extremely difficult to fully control.
We can precisely control gases by using the nanoscale cages of porous coordination polymer/metal-organic framework (PCP/MOF) to spatially confine the gas molecules. These porous solids were discovered by Distinguished Professor Susumu Kitagawa at the Institute for Advanced Study at Kyoto University, and our mission is to contribute to the creation of new value using these cutting-edge materials.

Company Profile

Company Atomis Inc.
Founder & CTO Masakazu Higuchi, PhD (Assistant Prof. of Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study)
President & CEO Daisuke Asari
Director & COO Dai Kataoka
Outside Director Hiroaki Okahashi
Outside Director Tetsuya Seiki
Advisor Susumu Kitagawa, PhD (Distinguished Prof. of Kyoto University Institute for Advanced Study)
Foundation February 2015
Address Creation Core Kyoto Mikuruma♯208,
448-5 Kajii-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto 602-0841, Japan
TEL/FAX TEL +81-75-746-7845
FAX +81-75-746-7846


531,990,000 JPY (including the capital reserve) 


Company history

Feb.2015 Company founded(MaSaKa-NeXT Inc.)
Jan.2017 Daisuke Asari assumed the CEO
Apr.2017 Relocated the headquater to Creation Core Kyoto Mikuruma Bld
Apr.2017 Changed corporate name to Atomis Inc.  
Apr.2018 Dai Kataoka joined as the COO



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